Why choose Us?

Why choose Us.Staying true to India's hospitality industry for nearly two decades now.

Why choose Us?

Our Mission.Transcending expectations.

Why choose Us?

What we Do.Redefine customer experiences.

Delectable Delights

"Swasno provides the best dining experiences with an extravagant buffet setup and comfortable seating for all in-house guests."


International Food MenuWorld Famous Recipes


Breakfast AvailableSpecialized Morning Menus


Dining Hall Palatable and Personalised

In Room Dining


Our a-la-carte menu offers a variety of cuisines suiting our guests’ personal preferences. We also extend our a-la-carte menu for round-the-clock in-room dining.

Dining Hall

Our dining hall is equipped with in-house infotainment for patrons. Our carefuly curated menu offers delights from an array of cuisines, suited to our customers' preferences.

Our well-stacked kitchen is conveniently placed next to the dining hall to serve our guests with freshly-made lip-smacking delectables.

Dining Hall

Opening Hours

  • Mondays-Fridays: 10AM to 7PM
  • Saturdays: 11AM to 3PM
  • Sundays:Open

Our Buffet Menu

Our specially curated menu consists of an array of international and local cuisines, offering a full-fledged five course meal for our guests to relish.

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